Efficiently handling uncontested landlord-tenant matters, including residential leases, commercial leases, Section 8 housing, premises liability, and property management in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Tenino, Yelm, Shelton, Thurston County, and surrounding areas.


Residential and Commercial Lease Agreements

Our Olympia landlord-tenant law firm, Jacobsen Law Office, provides all services for investors, owners, landlords, and property managers. Our real estate attorney, Ryan A. Jacobsen, is an experienced negotiator in real estate transactions, and personally develops and drafts commercial lease agreements and residential lease agreements that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs. With preparation and planning, our clients are able to maximize long-term profits by avoiding contentious litigation over weak, boilerplate rental contracts.

Unlawful Detainer and Eviction

Even with a well-constructed lease agreement, tenants sometimes cannot afford to pay rent, or are constantly making late payments. Late payments put a strain on property owners who need to pay the investment property’s mortgage. In past years, our landlord-tenant eviction attorney represented landlords and property owners in unlawful detainer actions in Thurston County, and obtained writs of restitution and judgments against tenants who failed to pay rent or cause property damage. Unfortunately, we are not taking contested landlord-tenant matters at this time.

Collecting Judgments Against Tenants

Concurrent with obtaining judgments pursuant to unlawful detainer proceedings, we provided judgment recovery attorney services to restore costs and expenses to landlords. Through garnishments and judgment execution, we recovered for landlords their legal costs, pre-eviction damages, unpaid rents, late fees, judgment interest, and post-eviction damages for most clients.

Landlord Obligations and Tenants’ Rights

In some cases, landlords breach their contracts and tread on their tenants’ rights. When a landlord fails to repair a tenant-occupied property, or restore heat, electricity, water, and sewer or septic to a home, tenants need an effective landlord-tenant attorney who is experienced, assertive, and creative. In the past, the Olympia landlord-tenant law firm of Jacobsen Law Office helped tenants enforce their rights against unlawful landlords. Unfortunately, we are not taking contested landlord-tenant matters at this time.

Landlord-Tenant Attorney

For uncontested landlord-tenant matters, our landlord-tenant lawyer, Ryan A. Jacobsen, is ready to meet with you, understand your case, advise you abundantly, and effectively represent your interests throughout the entire process, and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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