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Helping people and businesses with commercial and residential purchase and sale of real property, real estate litigation, partitions, HOA disputes, quiet title actions, easements, and nondisclosure in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Tenino, Yelm, Shelton, Thurston County, and surrounding areas.


Buy and Sell Real Estate In Washington

Jacobsen Law Office provides experienced real estate attorney counsel and representation to individuals and businesses who buy or sell real property in Thurston County, Pierce County, Lewis County, and Grays Harbor County. While some of our clients are real estate investors, most are average people with one to five properties.

Effective and Efficient Real Estate Transactions

Our experienced real estate team has amassed abundant practice experience handling very challenging real estate transactions. With our knowledge of Washington real estate law, we put all our energy into providing effective and efficient representation in real estate matters. With an experienced real estate attorney, you can be confident that your transactions will be protected by ironclad contracts, deeds, financing agreements, and disclosure.

Closing and Escrow Services

To facilitate property-related transactions, our Olympia real estate law firm provides escrow services for purchase and sales of properties. Our experienced attorney, Ryan A. Jacobsen, also offers representation to buyers and sellers through the closing process who are not represented by a real estate broker, or who are not sure that their real estate agent is acting in their best interests.

Distressed Property Transactions

Many of our clients are buying or selling distressed homes. These transactions can be mutually beneficial to both buyers and sellers. However, banks are often a third party who has some control over the sale arrangement. Our real estate law office in Olympia provides assertive representation to buyers and sellers so the property financing companies know that the transaction will be carried out without mistakes or legal complications.

Short Sale and Deed In Lieu Real Estate

When a home is being sold for less than the amount owed under a promissory note and deed of trust (home mortgage), the “short sale” needs to be drafted properly, and both parties need to understand what their rights, interests, and obligations are. For example, a homeowner selling a distressed property through a bank-approved short sale needs certainty that their debts and obligations are fully released, and they will not be exposed to any risk of a deficiency judgment. Also, homeowners who give their house to a bank through a Deed in Lieu need to know their rights and risks regarding taxation of debts that have been forgiven by their lender, in addition to having certainty that their debt obligations are not carried over into a deficiency judgment.

Homeowners, Investors, and Businesses Involving Real Estate

The Olympia real estate law firm, Jacobsen Law Office, P.S., provides representation for homeowners, investors, and businesses with real estate disputes and real estate litigation cases. Real estate law suits came arise from poorly written contracts and oral agreements, or from a material breach of a real estate contract. Also, real estate disputes, especially in rural areas, arise between neighbors who have no contract, but whose ownership interests are adjacent to each other. Our real estate attorney, Ryan A. Jacobsen, provides assertive legal representation to effectively and efficiently resolve real estate conflicts. When negotiations, mediation, and arbitration are not successful, we enforce our clients’ rights and interests through real estate litigation.

Real Estate Attorney

Our real estate lawyer, Ryan A. Jacobsen, is ready to meet with you, understand your case, advise you abundantly, and effectively represent your interests throughout the entire process, and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Olympia, Shelton, Centralia, and Tacoma real estate litigation cases are generally heard at the following locations:

Thurston County Superior Court

Pierce County Superior Court

Mason County Superior Court

Lewis County Superior Court