Special Needs & Guardianship


Representing parents, siblings, and persons with developmental disabilities, disabling injuries, and mental illness in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Tenino, Yelm, Shelton, Thurston County, and surrounding areas.


Planning For Minors and Adults With Special Needs

Jacobsen Law Office provides efficient and effective representation for people with special needs, as well as their family members and loved ones. With adequate and effective planning, parents can provide for their special needs children through estate planning using a special needs trust or charitable remainder trust. Parents should consult with an experienced guardianship attorney who understands the Washington guardianship laws, and knows how to avoid costly litigation.

Guardianship Formation and Disputes

In most cases, everyone wants what is best for the person with special needs. However, complications often arise whenever money and real estate is involved in a case involving persons with disabilities or mental illness. If it is too late to make plans to avoid problems, our Olympia special needs attorney, Ryan A. Jacobsen, can help parties to understand their rights, interests, liabilities, and risks. When necessary, our litigation team will use the full force of the law to protect our clients’ interests.

Special Needs Includes Real Estate, Probate, and Personal Injury Matters

A Thurston County special needs and guardianship attorney should also be knowledgeable in real estate, probate, and personal injuries. A child or adult with a disability has special rights, and guardians and parents have certain responsibilities, when a person with a disability receives an inheritance, wants to purchase or sell property, or has personal injury claims in Washington. Our Olympia lawyer, Ryan A. Jacobsen, is an experienced real estate attorney, probate administration attorney, and special needs personal injury attorney who will look after your best interests.

Title 11 Guardians

Guardians in Olympia who are appointed under chapter 11.88 of the Revised Code of Washington have duties and responsibilities to the incapacitated persons for whom they are guardians, as well as the court. The court does not expect lay guardians to know all of their duties without help. Similar to the trustee of a special needs trust, as a guardian or limited guardian of the person or estate of an incapacitated person, you can rely on experts, like accountants and attorneys, to help them fulfill their responsibilities competently.

Abuse of Vulnerable Adults and Persons With Disabilities

When disabled and elderly people in Washington are victims of abuse, such as elder care abuse and sexual assault of disabled persons, criminal justice only provides legal satisfaction to the community as a whole, and does not provide any remedies for damages suffered by the victims or their families. As an Olympia personal injury attorney, Ryan A. Jacobsen represents victims of elder abuse and vulnerable adult abuse in claims against caretakers, nursing homes, employers and businesses, and insurance companies. Our litigation team puts the law to work for our clients’ best interests, and we demand full compensation of damages for each and every client.

Special Needs and Guardianship Attorney

Our special needs and guardianship lawyer, Ryan A. Jacobsen, is ready to meet with you, understand your case, advise you abundantly, and effectively represent your interests throughout the entire process, and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Guardianship Court Locations

Olympia, Shelton, Centralia, and Tacoma guardianship matters are generally heard at the following locations:

Thurston County Superior Court, Family and Juvenile Court:

Pierce County Superior Court

Mason County Superior Court

Lewis County Superior Court