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Ability for Co-Administrators to Delegate Powers, Authority, and Duties

Question: How Does A Co-Administrator Delegate Powers, Authority, And Duties To A Co-Administrator? Introduction The Revised Code of Washington sometimes requires a road-map to navigate. In order to answer the question regarding delegation of co-administrators’ powers, authority, and duties, first look at the definitions for personal representative and administrator. Next look at the provisions under […]

Surviving Spouse Status for Unmarried Partners – Washington Probate Law

Washington does not recognize common law marriages. In 1989, the Washington Supreme Court held that a surviving “meretricious” partner (of a 22 year relationship) was not entitled to intestate succession (distribution of an estate where decedent died without a Will) as a surviving spouse. Peffley-Warner v. Bowen, 113 Wn.2d 243 (Wash. 1989). The specific issue […]